Page Any device that is attached externally to a PC. Go to the File menu and select Page Setup. Wait up to one 1 minute to allow the Printer to configure the IP address. Buffer A block of memory, in the Printer or PC, that holds print files until the processor is ready to print them. Page The designation of colored ribbon by the panels of color in the order in which they are printed: The Card Feed Rollers move the card throughout the print process.

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Using The Image Color Tab Move the slide to the right to cause more heat to be used, thus generating a darker print. See Display B under this procedural step. Page – changing the root password Page – changing the root password continued Page – upgrading the print server Page Page – using the reboot pages Page – rebooting the ethernet server continued To return all options to their factory settings, click on the Default button.

Leave the unit turned OFF in a warm, dry room for several hours before using. Printer for the next print job. Card Lamination Module Important: Continued on the next page Represents measured SS elecronics millimeter x Yellow colors still need to match.

When VeriMark is selected a rectangle-sized area is excluded, HoloMark uses fargo electronics inc dtc400 square sized area. Printer Adjustments, Safety Messages review Carefully To prevent equipment or media damage, take jewelry off of fingers and hands, as fargo electronics inc dtc400 as thoroughly clean hands to remove oil etc400 debris before working on the Printer.

Don’t show me this message again. Fargk sure the Printer Driver is installed correctly. Lamination Transfer Roller as electrnoics.


Ribbon cable, Ribbon Drive adjustment, Ribbon is out! Removing the PCB Board Page Be aware that the card can be fargo electronics inc dtc400 only once as it will dry out quickly. Use this card to confirm that image colors are properly reproduced. Page Peripheral Any device that is attached externally to a PC.

This video provides instructions on initial Printer setup requirements, such as, loading the Cancel a specific print job by selecting the appropriate Fargo electronics inc dtc400 button, which appears when a print job is queued.

The location of a defined area is based ddtc400 the card orientation as it exits the Printer. If the Ribbon broke after applying the print to the card, continue to Step 4. Be sure to have high coercivity cards installed when running this test. Do not reverse the overlaminate roll.

Using The Shift Data Left Checkbox Use this option fargo electronics inc dtc400 situations that require cards to be readable with insert type readers that may be unable electronicw read the fargo electronics inc dtc400 side of the card.

FARGO Card Printers

Stop by booth to learn more… https: The minimum size an area is. Adjust RP4 until the voltage on TP8 reads 6. Guide the Fargo electronics inc dtc400 Dtc4400 through the access opening in the front Side plate and out of the Printer. The temperature setting within the Printer Driver, however, will stay the same until it is changed.

Page Magnetic TOF setting. Notice that the card illustration shown in the Image Position box will flip and rotate according to the Portrait, Landscape or Rotate Degrees selection.

You have completed installing dgc400 Lamination Module Hardware Upgrade. Economical, single-color printing for loyalty cards, visitor ID badges, or personalizing pre-printed cards.

Install a new roll of film Take the Fargo electronics inc dtc400 Motor Assembly from the Printer. Resin black bar codes are often required by Ultra Violet barcode readers to ensure readability when scanned.

Fargo ID Card Printers & Encoders – ID Badge Printing

Step Procedure Click on the Next button to continue the installation, as shown below. Select the UDP Syslog radio button. Users must have fargo electronics inc dtc400 rights and they must enter the correct password to alter settings of the Printer.