I brought my laptop to get checked out and it did not fall under the recall about the spontaneous shut downs. Anyway any suggestion would be appreciated. Hello, i am having trouble with my satellite a60, i just used it last night then it drained the battery, i tried charging it and plugging it into power supply but i got nothing no power at all, all the leds are off. The dust is collected between the fan and the heatsink. I havent been using it for monthes now and the other day decided to tear it down one more time.. I have read the disassembly manual and it says about the three hidden screws.

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Be careful not to short something on the board. That one did not charge either.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

Try it and let me know how it goes. Can you please send me a link showing me how to open up the laptop toshiba satellite p35-s609 replace this part. So this time, I cleaned both parts really well, and followed the ceramique instructions very carefully. I guess that the temperature sensors might not work properly and the fan will not turn on toshiba satellite p35-s609 the laptop is hot. Spoke with the people who fixed toshiba satellite p35-s609 machine and they said that it is definatley not the DC jack as they repaired it and it is another issue ie the charging board on the laptop.

Do you have any idea what could be causing the laptop to go into stand-by over and over for no reason. By connecting toshiba satellite p35-s609 external monitor you can bypass the LCD module. In this model the battery connects directly to the systemboard, the power switch is located on the systemboard and the memory is integrated into the system board.

I have both adapters at work and check the part number on Monday. Followed these instructions, they are just absolutely wonderful … allow me to add that you will need thermal paste once you replace the CPU and video chip cover.

For anyone who has taken-apart a Toshiba Satellite A75 series mine is an AScan you tell me what kind of motherboard is in it…Brand, partetc? I had mentioned previously that I can induce the computer to lock up by switching power modes during operation. Too bad I did the soldering before finding this page.

Even though the DC jack is not connected to the system board directly, it is still a part of the system board.

The power LED on the front should light up green. You will need to toshiba satellite p35-s609 a technician solder the jack. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Please post your thoughts. The part number is P If the system starts fine outside the base, then start assembling it back and pay attention to each screw. If the fan start toshiba satellite p35-s609 on start up and then goes off and never comes back, toshiba satellite p35-s609 it might be roshiba system board related problem. I want any information about Eisystem laptop prices specialy the satelllite of inte Rceleron Rcpu 2. Wahl has them on thier site as well but I do not recall if you can purchase directly from them.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

This is second time i am doing the assembly, first time you remember i got booting problem tosihba you asked me to unplug and plug in the Memory, then it booted.

P35s-609 in case remove the wireless card and try to run the restore without it. Not sure which model, the info has worn toshiba satellite p35-s609 the label on the bottom of the machine. I have a Toshiba satellite p35-s609 — S with had an overheat problem.

There are also three Sharp screens, but they require a special insulator.

This causes the machine to crash regularly when its under any load eg. This morning tried toshiba satellite p35-s609 with the same result. Now after re assembly saellite am getting post error one long three short beeps.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem | Laptop Repair

My heatsink was clean when Satsllite took it apart just now. The same story with hard drives. It will not turn at all? First try, I got full display on satellit laptop screen, but for a split second. It should toshiba satellite p35-s609 help to make your laptop quieter.

Hi CJ, I am back again, I hope u remember me. Is ther any quick fix that might work for the thin vertical blue line on the LCD like a connection?? The product itsel is called Isotip and is reasonably priced in my opinion. Why CPU is always busy? Now when i plug it in, the DC LED on the front flashes approx 2 toshiba satellite p35-s609 3 times a second and the fans go on and off.

Also what toshiba satellite p35-s609 adress should I send the donation p35-w609 paypal.

I know i did it right, the jack can only go on one way, and Today I finished that. Toshiba satellite p35-s609 I clean up all four legs and apply new solder coat on it. Also I think the ac power connection could be loose but I understand this is a known problem.

And is there a laptop specific DVD cleaner? If you get video, start adding parts one by one. I p3-5s609 a s Anyone out there have similar experiences and possibly solutions? Hey Jenny, to all those that have a similar problem as toshiba satellite p35-s609 post 91, my Toshiba M35X-S laptop also had steady green lights and would not turn on right away.

Everything is correctly placed and toshiba satellite p35-s609. Im quite experianced on computers, and im just at a loss, ive never had a dead motherbaord, so Im terrorfied that that is the problem.