These pins should be jumpered on for normal operation. Once you set this pass- word, you have to type it whenever you boot the system. Verify that the video controller board is fully seated in the server board connector. Install a new hard disk into the cage then secure it with the four screws you removed in the previous step. Page 64 Chapter

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In Hot Spare field, press Space key to change the hard disk to [Yes].

The beep code occurs only when a critical error occurs or when the BIOS fails to boot to the operating system. Event Log Configuration The Event log configuration submenu allows you to configured the event log acer altos g520.

Acer Altos G520 Service Manual

SS System Date Configures the system date. Plug the system into the AC power source and power it acer altos g520. The rack brackets acer altos g520 the server tray to the mounting rails, which allow the server tray to slide in and out of the server rack for maintenance purposes. Lift the front door and detach it from the chassis.

Recovery file not found. Unplug this product from the wall outlet ace cleaning. Block Multi- Enhances disk performance depending on Sector Trans- the hard disk in use.


Jump back to checkpoint EB. A password box will appear. Adjust only those controls that are covered by the operating instructions since improper adjustment of other controls may result in damage and will often require aceer work by a qualified technician to restore the product to normal condition. Functionality issues acer altos g520 be encountered if mixed memory types are installed on the same server board.

Replacing the Backup Battery The lithium battery on the server board powers the RTC for up to 10 years in the absence of power. Acer altos g520 connect the power cable Plug the power cable into the power cable socket located on the rear panel of acer altos g520 server.

Power-on Problems Power-on problems If the system does not boot after you have applied power, check the following factors that might have caused the boot failure. To altps a hard disk into the carrier Note: Push left direction to take the rear fan out from chassis. System Tour 1 System tour Observe the ESD precautions and acer altos g520 procedures described on page Server The Server menu allows you to configure the axer parameters.

Install a new hard disk into the cage then secure it altks the four screws you removed in the previous step.

The BIOS upgrade utility screen appears. Use a bootable diskette containing the Acer flash utility and language files.

Acer Altos G520 series User Manual

To remove the side panel: If you want acer altos g520 replace or upgrade any of these components, contact your dealer or a qualified service technician for assistance. A parity error occurred in onboard memory.

Unplug all cables from the power outlets. POST Error When this item is enabled you will be pause prompted when an error is detected dur- ing boot up.

Atlos Option Tower-to-rack option Aside from its tower configuration, the Acer Altos G series server can also be mounted acer altos g520 a rack-model position. DIMM modules of identical type, banking and stacking technology, and vendor should be installed in the Altos G Page Seagate Cheetah 15K.

An array selection window displays the devices connected to the current controller. Raid Configuration Appendix E: Support Option Disabled Enabled Disabled