Has anyone encountered the same problem? I have the same question In cases where you have multiple device types listed, narrow down your search by also adding in the VID value. I also received a pop-up telling me there had been hardware changes and I should reboot. The Windows 10 update-behaviour is an administrative desaster.

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The problem getting it to work with Win10 is that default Device Installation Settings allows Windows to install or update with wrong drivers. Roger replied on October 24, Thanks Roger Adelaide Realtek dtv usb device. Realteek that propably also makes all other OS’s obsolete. The working and the Failed setups are identical except for the Hardware IDs.

Applies to Windows 10 also. A couple of items from apparently informed users follow – I would be very interested in your thoughts on these.


If you can’t see a in the Device Manager driver list or if windows is blocking the install of the driver, uninstall the U realtek dtv usb device from Device Manager and delete the driver files.

Well, that was just some professional hints, to help pushing Windows forward to world’s realtrk OS.

Run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter by following the steps below, and check if the issue is resolved. Both solutions seem to have significant down-sides.

Rezltek see from searches that many people have exactly the same problem with their Realtek RTLU devices. If it still persists, we would be happy to help you further.

I have found information relating to this problem on other forums. Are Microsoft likely to produce a more up-to-date driver that will work?

Dalvik Planet: How to get working RTLU + RT2 on Windows 10

I have the same question Using input-devices is so 90’s. In reply to Roger’s post on October 12, There is no error msg.

Has anyone encountered the same problem? Each Hardware ID is comprised fevice some very useful information. I believe that it is the Windows 10 driver that is the problem.

Thank you for keeping us posted on the status of the issue and we appreciate the time and effort you have put in to resolve the issue. Select Hardware and Devicesc lick on Advanced option, and check Apply repairs automatically option.

If I try fealtek install the original CD drivers, or any other drivers that other users have found, Windows tells me that “my driver is already up to date”. In reply to Roger’s post on October 13, This is how I got it working again: A good browser knows which page to open, realtek dtv usb device before yourself do! Search Windows settings for “Device Installation Settings” and turn Win 10 device driver auto updates off. Please keep us posted on the status of the issue.

Later, after reconnecting my Realtek dtv usb device thus resuming the capability for auto-updatesWindows reverted to driver version Click udb View all from left side panel of the screen.

The properties for the device will show that devide driver was found. This is pretty annoying. As I said before, the dongle worked perfectly with several software apps under Win7 but won’t work realtek dtv usb device Windows Thanks for all your suggestions but I have tried every one of them ftv.